The Genetics of Altruism

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Название: The Genetics of Altruism

Автор: Scott A. Boorman, Paul R. Levitt

Издательство: Academic Press

ISBN: 0121156508

Год: 1980

Страниц: 363

Формат: PDF

Размер: 147.82МБ

Язык: английский


The evolutionary roots of sociality; The theory of reciprocity selection; The theory of kin selection; The theory of group selection; Mathematical models for a simple cooperative trait; The Evolutionary Roots of Sociality; The Theory of Reciprocity Selection; Mathematical Models for a Simple Cooperative Trait; Cascade to Takeover by the Social Trait; Dynamics of the Cascade Using the Two-Island Approximation; The Cascade Continued - Initial Conditions and Global Dinamics; The theory of kin selection; General Models for Sib and Half-Sib Selection; Axiomatization of Sib Selection Theories; Alternative Combinatorial Madels and the Status of the Hamilton Theory; Models of Intergenerational Altruism; The theory of group selection; Analysis of Group Selection in the Levins E=E(x) Formalism; Conclusions.


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