Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook: A Guide to Fusion Web Development

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Название: Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook: A Guide to Fusion Web Development

Издательство: Mc/Graw-Hill

Автор: Duncan Mills, Peter Koletzke, Avrom Roy-Faderman

Год: 2010

Количество страниц: 912

Формат: PDF

Размер: 19 Mb

Язык: English

Written by world-renowned Oracle JDeveloper experts, this exclusive Oracle Press resource shows you how to build Java Platform, Enterprise Edition web applications using Oracle JDeveloper 11g, Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), and JavaServer Faces. Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook walks you through the creation of a complete sample application that employs highly interactive user interface components and declarative development methods. Learn the techniques required to implement Oracle

Fusion-oriented solutions using Oracle JDeveloper 11g from this hands-on guide.

Work in the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Integrated Development Environment

Create business services with Oracle ADF Business Components

Develop entity object definitions that represent database objects and encapsulate business logic

Create components that query database data

Encapsulate complex data operations

Build JavaServer Faces applications

Work with the Oracle ADF Controller and Task Flows

Enable high interactivity with Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client

Bind the user interface to the business services layer using Oracle ADF Model

Learn design principles and best practices for working with Oracle JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF

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