Sparta and Lakonia & Hellenistic and Roman Sparta

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Название:Sparta and Lakonia & Hellenistic and Roman Sparta


Издательство: Routledge

ISBN: 041526278X

Дата издания:2001-12-06

Страниц: 704



Размер:4.10 MB

This set includes the revised edition of Sparta and Lakonia by Paul Cartledge and the second edition of Hellenistic and Roman Sparta by Paul Cartledge and Antony Spawforth, at a very special price.

Together, both volumes take an authoritative overview on this fascinating state of Ancient Greece. Sparta and Lakonia explores both the city-state of Aparta and the territory of Lakonia, covering the period from the apogee of Mycenaean culture to it's crucial defeat in 362 BC. While Hellenistic and Roman Sparta focuses on this later part of Spartan history, challenging the misperception of Spartan 'decline' after the loss of her status on the battlefield in 371 BC.

Combining traditional written sources, archaeological perspectives and recent finds and scholarship, both volumes give an original and compelling account of Spartan history.

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