The Buffalo Hunters

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Название:The Buffalo Hunters

Автор:Editors of :Time-Life Books


Издательство:Cahners Business Information, Inc




Размер:31 mb


"This book is a goldfield of knowledge when it comes to the Native Americans that inhabited the Great Plains. It begins with doing an over view of the various tribes giving a brief synapses on each of the individual tribes and describe there basic language and physical features to give the reader an idea of how diverse the tribes actually where. The passages then transfer towards the ways of the families and clans. The way tribes varied so much is astounding and how efficient and resourceful the hunters on the plains was unmatched by any other race. A buffalos hid was used for shelter, clothing and blankets. The shoulder blades were perfect to be used as tools such as hoes and squash blades. Tendons that ran along the bison’s hind legs were flexible and durable to be turned into bowstrings. And what didn’t have an obvious purpose became an ornament for celebration and decoration. Finally the book comes to the customs and traditions of various tribes and how some are still in use till this very day."

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