The assassination of Reinhar Heydrich (After the Battle 24)

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Название: The assassination of Reinhar Heydrich (After the Battle 24)

Издательство: Battle of Britain International

Год: 1979

Формат: pdf

Размер: 26 Mb

Кол-во страниц: 56

Язык: English

THE ASSASSINATION OF REINHARD HEYDRICH Czechoslovakia, The Assassination, Escape to Martyrdom, The Judas Iscariot of WWII, The Seven fight it out, The Retribution. War Film - It's all a Game - The film made by the British World War II Re-enactment Society. Wreck Recovery - 1978 Sikorski Sequel - The search for wreckage of Sikorski's Liberator. Preservation - The River Maas Buffalo - Recovery of an LVT II from the River Maas in Belgium.

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