Getting started with Spiceworks: install, configure, and get real results from Spiceworks in just a couple of hours

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Автор: Darren Schoen; Nitish Kumar

Название: Getting started with Spiceworks: install, configure, and get real results from Spiceworks in just a couple of hours

Язык: English

Издательство: Birmingham, U.K.: Packt Pub.

Год: 2013

Серия: Community experience distilled

Формат: pdf

Размер: 21,8 mb

Страниц: 124

Over 2 million IT pros have installed Spiceworks. It helps them with their daily tasks, streamlines processes, and even saves them money, all for free! Getting Started with Spiceworks is an ideal resource to install Spiceworks and run it on your network. After all, over 2 million IT pros can’t be wrong, so learn how to join the Spiceworks IT revolution.

"Getting Started with Spiceworks" starts from downloading the app to having a fully functional Spiceworks installation in just a few minutes. It will cover Network Inventory, Help Desk, Self-Service User Portal, knowledge bases, and more in detail for you to get the most out of Spiceworks. Whether you have a decade of experience or you are new to the IT field, Spiceworks has tools for every IT pro's needs. You will learn how to make your daily tasks easier, streamline existing processes, and even save money with Spiceworks.

"Getting Started with Spiceworks" will walk you through the Spiceworks installation step-by-step. It will cover topics such as configuring Spiceworks to scan your network and organize information, setting up Help Desk and Self-Service User Portal, running reports that dazzle and streamline your purchasing process, and connecting with other IT pros around your area or around the world thoroughly.

"Getting Started with Spiceworks" will provide insights and tips from experts on Spiceworks. It is an ideal guide to progress quickly from installation to Spiceworks being an essential part of your IT day.


This book will have a getting started approach, thus making it easy for the readers to understand and learn Spiceworks.

Who this book is for

This book is for any IT pro who wants to make their day easier. With this book, you can go from installing Spiceworks to having a good working knowledge of it in a single afternoon, no Spiceworks experience required! This book assumes no prior experience with Spiceworks.


Preface 1

Chapter 1: Setting Up Spiceworks 5

Installing Spiceworks 7

Troubleshooting installation issues in Spiceworks 12

Logging in and setting up Spiceworks Admins 14

Spiceworks users defined 15

Setting up Spiceworks Admin users 16

Getting into the Spiceworks Community 17

Summary 21

Chapter 2: Configuring Network Inventory in Spiceworks 23

An overview of the Spiceworks network inventory 23

How Spiceworks scans your network 24

What else does Spiceworks scan? 25

Setting up a scan in Spiceworks 26

Scanning and Active Directory 26

Configuring IP range scans 28

Scanning credentials 30

Best practices and kicking off your first Spiceworks scan 31

Scanning best practices 31

Navigating the Spiceworks inventory 32

Navigating the device inventory 33

Navigating other inventories 37

The Software inventory 37

The People inventory 38

Customizing groups and scan schedules 39

Resolving unknown devices 42

Summary 46

Chapter 3: Configuring the Spiceworks Help Desk and User Portal 47 An overview of the Help Desk interface and User Portal 48

Setting up Spiceworks users, permissions, and e-mail 49

Configuring the e-mail settings in Spiceworks 51

Configuring User Portal 54

Standard and Custom Attributes 60

Creating a ticket in Spiceworks 63

Working a Help Desk ticket in Spiceworks 65

Mobile clients 69

Extending the User Portal and Help Desk using plugins 70

Summary 71

Chapter 4: Configuring Other Spiceworks Features 73

Reporting in Spiceworks 73

Network monitoring and alerts in Spiceworks 79

Purchasing features in Spiceworks 82

Mobile Device Management in Spiceworks 86

Other Spiceworks features 87

Spiceworks Knowledge Base 87

Spiceworks cloud services dashboard 89

Using the network map in Spiceworks 90

Summary 91

Chapter 5: Taking Spiceworks to the Next Level 93

Connecting with other IT pros and vendors 98

SpiceCorps and meeting other IT pros in your area 100

Other groups in the Spiceworks community 100

Spiceworks extensions in the community 103

Plugins 103

Reports 105

Scripts and Language Packs 106

Real-world Spiceworks events 106

Spiceworks University 106

The SpiceWorld user conference 107

Summary 108

Index 109

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