Earth System Science

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Автор: Jacobson M.C., Charlson R.J., Rodhe Hen-Ning, Orians G.H.

Название: Earth System Science: From Biogeochemical Cycles to Global Change

Издательство: Academic Press

Год: 2000

Страниц: 549

Серия: International Geophysics Series 2000, Volume 72

Формат: pdf

Язык: Английский

Размер: 40 Мб

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Biogeochemical cycles describe the transformation and movement of chemical substances in a global context. Our goal has been to provide a comprehensive treatment under one cover so that the components are integrated and the need for additional reading is reduced. This includes appropriate subdisciplines of chemistry, biology, geology, and the sciences that deal with soils, atmospheres, and oceans.




Introduction: Biogeochemical Cycles as Fundamental Constructs for Studying Earth System Science and Global Change

The Origin and Early Evolution of the Earth

Evolution and the Biosphere

Modeling Biogeochemical Cycles

Equilibrium, Rate, and Natural Systems

Water and the Hydrosphere

The Atmosphere

Soils, Watershed Processes, and Marine Sediments

Tectonic Processes and Erosion

The Oceans

The Global Carbon Cycle

The Nitrogen Cycle

The Sulfur Cycle

The Phosphorus Cycle

Trace Metals

The Acid-Base and Oxidation-Reduction Balances of the Earth

The Coupling of Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate: Forcings, Feedbacks, and Responses

Ice Sheets and the Ice-Core Record of Climate Change

Human Modification of the Earth System: Global Change


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