Beyond Pluto. Exploring the outer limitsof the solar system

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Название: Beyond Pluto. Exploring the outer limitsof the solar system

Издательство: Cambridge University Press

Год: 2004


Размер: 3,8 Mb


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This is a story about a discovery and some of the developments which followed it. It is not a textbook. Although I hope it contains most of the relevant technical details I set out to show a little of how astronomy is actually done. Some of the characters spend their time looking through telescopes on the darkest of dark nights, others work in offices and laboratories far removed, both physically and psychologically, from mountaintop observatories. From time to time this diverse

group of people come together, in small groups or en masse, to exchange ideas and dispute data. They do this in order to understand the origin and evolution of the solar system in which we live and work.A few names crop up frequently, for the community of solar system astronomers is a small one and our paths often meander across each other in unpredictable ways.

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