Auxetic Materials and Structures

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Автор: Lim T-C.

Название: Auxetic Materials and Structures

Издательство: Springer

Год: 2015

Формат: PDF

Размер: 28.31mb

язык: английский

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The first auxetics monograph that is authored by a single author

Deals with the mechanics and structural design of materials with a negative Poisson’s ratio

From simple examples, complex case studies are built up in a pedagogical way

Consists of case studies with direct applicability to the industry and developed mathematical models

This book describes the fundamentals of the mechanics and design of auxetic solids and structures, which possess a negative Poisson’s ratio. It will benefit two groups of readers: (a) industry practitioners, such as product and structural designers, who need to control mechanical stress distributions using auxetic materials, and (b) academic researchers and students who intend to produce structures with unique mechanical and other physical properties using auxetic materials.

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