Real-time PCR

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Автор: M. Tevfik Dorak (Ed.)

Название: Real-time PCR

Издательство: Taylor & Francis Group

Год: 2006

Формат: pdf

Язык: English

Размер: 4.4Mb

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Книга о ПЦР в реальном времени.


1 An introduction to real-time PCR

2 Data analysis and reporting

3 Relative quantification

4 Normalization

5 High-throughput primer and probe design

6 Quantitative analysis of ocular gene expression

7 Quantitative gene expression by real-time PCR: a complete protocol

8 Real-time PCR using SYBR® Green

9 High-resolution melting analysis for scanning and genotyping

10 Quantitative analyses of DNA methylation

11 Mitochondrial DNA analysis

12 Real-time immuno-PCR

13 Clinical microbiology

14 Clinical virology

15 Solid organ transplant monitoring

16 Real-time PCR applications in hematology

7 Real-time PCR for prenatal diagnosis of monogenic diseases caused by single nucleotide changes – the example of the hemoglobinopathies

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