Military Aircraft of WWI (The Story of Flight)

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Автор: Ole Steen Hansen

Название: Military Aircraft of WWI (The Story of Flight)

Издательство: Crabtree Publishing Company

Год: 2003

Формат: PDF

Страниц: 38

Язык: English

Размер: 27.7 MB

This volume covers the military aircraft used during WWI by both side of the conflict. It is a history of aviation, in particular, military aviation. the illustrations are quite well done and quite accurate. There is a very large amount of information included in this thin volume. Each aircraft is discussed, it's place and use in the war is discussed and there is a bit of a performance evaluation. As I stated, the illustrations are quite accurate. The book is filled with little side windows addressing particular individuals involved with the development or flight of these old planes. The text is quite easy to follow and not overly technical although it does convey the problems overcome and the success of different developments. This is a nice, unique look at a part of our history and while it may have been horrible, it was never-the-less part of us and probably needs to be studied, if for no other reason than simply letting folks know that can happen if things get out of hand.

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