Roman Guardsman 62 BC-AD 324 (Osprey Warrior 170)

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Название: Roman Guardsman 62 BC-AD 324

Издательство: Osprey Publishing

Серия: Osprey Warrior 170

ISBN: 1782009256

Год: 2014

Формат: PDF (e-book)

Страниц: 66

Размер: 4 Mb

Язык: English

From the civil wars of the Late Republic to Constantine’s bloody reunification of the Empire, elite corps of guardsmen were at the heart of every Roman army. Whether as bodyguards or as shock troops in battle, the fighting skills of praetorians, speculatores, singulares and protectores determined the course of Roman history. Modern scholars tend to present the praetorians as pampered, disloyal and battle-shy, but the Romans knew them as valiant warriors, men who strove to live up to their honorific title pia vindex – loyal and avenging.

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