My Office 2016: Includes Content Update Program. 1st Edition

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Название: My Office 2016: Includes Content Update Program

Автор:Paul McFedries

Издательство: Que Publishing

Год: 2015

Страниц: 432

Язык: English

Формат: epub

Размер: 38,4 Mb

My Office 2016 introduces readers to this new version of the suite and shows them how to get the most out of the apps. The book clearly explains what to expect from the new version of Office, what the program limitations are, and discusses best practices for using the apps. My Office 2016 teaches readers how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and OneDrive in an easy-to-follow, task-based format. Topics covered include how to use the main features that come with each Office application, how to synchronize documents between devices, and how to collaborate with others.

Master core skills you can use in every Office 2016 program

• Quickly create visual documents with advanced formatting and graphics

• Build complex documents with columns, footnotes, headers, and tables

• Enter and organize Excel data more accurately and efficiently

• Quickly move, copy, delete, and format large amounts of data with Excel ranges

• Use charts to make data more visual, intuitively understandable, and actionable

• Add pizzazz to PowerPoint slide shows with animations and transitions

• Use Outlook 2016 to efficiently manage your email, contacts, and calendar

• Bring all your ideas and notes together in a OneNote notebook

• Start building useful Access 2016 databases

• Customize your Office applications to work the way you do

• Store and share your Office files in the cloud with Microsoft OneDrive

• Collaborate with others, including people using other versions of Office

In addition, this book is part of Que’s exciting new Content Update Program. As Microsoft updates features of Office 2016, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the software. The updates will be delivered to you via a FREE Web Edition of this book, which can be accessed with any Internet connection.

How to access the free web edition: Follow the instructions within the book to learn how to register your book to access the FREE Web Edition.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Started with Office 2016 3

Understanding Office 365 and Office 2016 4

Learning How Office 365 Works 4

Taking Your First Steps with Office 2016 .5

Sign In to Your Microsoft Account 5

Create a Microsoft Account 7

Sign Out of Your Microsoft Account 9

Switch Between Office 2016 Applications 10

Creating a New Document 11

Create a Blank Document at Startup 12

Create a Blank Document After an Office 2016 Application Is Running 12

Creating a Document from a Template or Theme 13

Preserving Your Work 14

Save a New Document 14

Create a Duplicate of a Document 16

Convert a Document to the Latest Format 17

Working with Documents 18

Open a Document 18

Pin a Document to the Recent Tab 20

Print a Document. 21

Chapter 2 Formatting Documents 23

Selecting Text 24

Select Text with a Mouse 25

Changing the Font 26

Understanding Typefaces 27

Set the Typeface 28

Change the Type Size 29

Apply Type Effects 30

Set Text Colors 31

Formatting Paragraphs 32

Align Paragraphs 32

Set the Line Spacing 33

Build a Bulleted List 34

Create a Numbered List 35

Set the Indentation 37

Working with Formatting 37

Apply Styles 38

Apply Text Effects 39

Clear Formatting 40

Chapter 3 Working with Office 2016 Graphics 43

Working with Shapes 44

Inserting a Line 44

Inserting Any Other Shape 45

Inserting Images 46

Inserting a Picture 47

Understanding SmartArt Graphics 49

Inserting a SmartArt Graphic 50

Inserting WordArt 51

Formatting and Editing Graphic Objects 52

Selecting Graphic Objects 53

Lassoing Graphic Objects 53

Sizing a Graphic Object 54

Moving a Graphic Object 55

Rotating a Graphic Object 56

Formatting a Graphic Object 57

Chapter 4 Working with Text in Word 61

Learning Text Basics 62

Enter and Edit Text 62

Enter Text with AutoCorrect 63

Insert Symbols 65

Insert Symbols Using AutoCorrect 66

Set Tabs 67

Enter Headings 69

Finding and Replacing Text 70

Find Text 71

Replace Text 73

Proofing Text 75

Handle Spelling and Grammar Errors 76

Adding Hyperlinks 77

Insert a Hyperlink 78

Chapter 5 Working with Page Layout and Design in Word 81

Building a Table 82

Insert a Table 82

Select Table Elements 84

Format a Table 85

Insert New Rows 86

Insert New Columns 87

Delete Table Elements 88

Working with Headers and Footers 89

Adding a Header 90

Adding a Footer 93

Changing the Page Setup 94

Setting the Margins 95

Changing the Page Orientation 97

Changing the Paper Size 98

Add a Page Break 99

Understanding Sections 99

Add a Section Break 100

Display Text in Columns 101

Adding Footnotes and Endnotes 103

Insert a Footnote or Endnote 104

Chapter 6 Entering Excel Data 107

Understanding Worksheet Cells and Data 108

Working with Numbers 109

Working with Text 109

Working with Dates and Times 110

Entering and Editing Data 112

Enter Cell Data 112

Edit Cell Data 113

Working with Formulas and Functions 114

Build a Formula 115

Understanding Functions 117

Add a Function Directly to a Cell 118

Add a Function Using the Function Wizard 119

Building a Table 121

Convert Cells to a Table 122

Select Table Elements 123

Format a Table 123

Add New Rows and Columns 125

Delete Rows and Columns 126

Sort a Table 126

Filter a Table 128

Chapter 7 Getting More Out of Excel Ranges 131

Selecting a Range 132

Select a Range with a Mouse 132

Select a Range on a Touchscreen 133

Working with Excel Ranges 133

Fill a Range with a Specific Value 134

Fill a Range with a Series of Values 135

Make a Copy of a Range 137

Move a Range 138

Insert a Range 139

Delete a Range 140

Working with Range Names 141

Name a Range 142

Formatting a Range 142

Learning About Data Formats 143

Apply a Numeric or Date Format 146

Control the Number of Decimal Places 147

Resize Columns 148

Resize Rows 149

Add Borders 150

Wrap Text Within a Cell 151

Chapter 8 Visualizing Excel Data with Charts 153

Creating a Chart 154

Create an Embedded Chart 155

Create a Chart in a Separate Sheet 156

Working with Charts 157

Understanding Excel’s Chart Types 157

Change the Chart Type 159

Move a Chart 161

Resize a Chart 162

Change the Chart Layout and Style 162

Working with Chart Elements 163

Select Chart Elements 163

Format Chart Elements 164

Add Titles 165

Add a Chart Legend 166

Add Data Marker Labels 167

Chapter 9 Building a PowerPoint Presentation 169

Adding a Slide to the Presentation 170

Understanding Slide Layouts 170

Insert a New Slide 172

Duplicate a Slide 173

Adding Data to a Slide 174

Add Text 175

Create a Bulleted List 175

Add a Video 177

Add a Chart 178

Add a Table 180

Working with Slides 181

Select Slides 181

Rearrange Slides 181

Change the Layout of a Slide 182

Hide a Slide 182

Add Notes to a Slide 184

Understanding the Slide Master 186

Work with the Slide Master 186

Chapter 10 Working with PowerPoint Slide Shows 191

Defining Slide Animations 192

Animation Guidelines 192

Set Up a Slide Transition 193

Animate Slide Objects 195

Add an Animation 196

Preparing a Slide Show 198

Rehearse Slide Timings 199

Recording Narration 200

Record Narration for a Slide 201

Record Narration for an Entire Presentation 202

Setting Up Multiple Versions of a Slide Show 204

Create a Custom Slide Show 205

Running a Slide Show 206

Start the Slide Show 206

Navigate Slides 207

Set Up an Automatic Slide Show 210

Chapter 11 Sending and Receiving Outlook Email 213

Setting Up Your Email Account 214

Add an Account Automatically 214

Add an Account Manually 216

Composing and Sending a New Message 218

Compose a Message 218

Use the Contacts List to Specify Recipients 220

Attach a File to a Message 221

Reading and Working with Incoming Mail 222

Retrieve and Read Messages 222

Reply to a Message 224

Forward a Message 225

Save an Attachment 226

Move a Message 227

Delete a Message 228

Chapter 12 Scheduling with the Outlook Calendar 231

Using the Calendar Folder 232

Switch to the Calendar Folder 232

Navigate to a Date 233

Switch the Calendar’s View 234

Setting Up Appointments 235

Create a New Appointment 236

Taking Advantage of AutoDate 237

Create a Recurring Appointment 239

Appointments Versus All-Day Events 241

Schedule an All-Day Event 242

Understanding Meeting Requests 242

Request a Meeting 243

Chapter 13 Keeping in Touch with Outlook Contacts 247

Exploring the Contacts Folder 248

Switch to the Contacts Folder 248

Understanding the Contacts Folder Views 249

Adding a New Contact 250

Create a New Contact from Scratch 250

Understanding Outlook’s Contact Data Fields 252

Create a Contact from the Same Company 253

Create a Contact from an Email Message 254

Importing Contact Data 255

Import Contact Data 255

Working with Your Contacts 259

Edit Contact Data 259

Add a Picture for a Contact 260

Send an Email to a Contact 261

Request a Meeting with a Contact 262

View a Map of a Contact’s Address 263

Print a Contact Address on an Envelope or Label 264

Chapter 14 Building a OneNote Notebook 267

Working with Sections 268

Insert a New Section 269

Rename a Section 269

Color-Code a Section 270

Working with Pages 271

Insert a New Page 271

Insert a New Page from a Template 272

Enter Text on a Page 273

Work with Page Containers 274

Building a OneNote Table 274

Insert a Table 275

Working with Tags 277

Tag an Item 277

Build Lists 279

Create a To-Do List 280

Chapter 15 Getting More Out of OneNote 283

Working with Notebooks 284

Create a New Notebook 284

Switch Between Notebooks 285

Set Notebook Properties 286

Adding Data to a Page 287

Insert the Date and Time 288

Add a Link to a Website 289

Add a Link to a OneNote Location 290

Insert a Spreadsheet File 291

Insert a New Spreadsheet 293

Attach a File 294

Adding Ink 295

Handwrite Text 295

Highlight Text .296

Convert Ink to Text 297

Erase Ink 298

Chapter 16 Learning Access Basics 301

Understanding Access Databases 302

Creating a Database 303

Create a Database 303

Building and Working with Tables 304

Designing a Table 304

Learning About Access Data Types 307

Create a Table 308

Enter Data 309

Sort Table Data 311

Filter Table Data 312

Querying Access Data 313

Design a Simple Query 313

Understanding Query Criteria 315

Enter Query Criteria 317

Creating Forms 319

Create a Basic Form 319

Navigating Form Fields and Records 320

Run the Form Wizard 321

Creating Reports 323

Create a Basic Report 323

Run the Report Wizard 324

Chapter 17 Customizing the Office 2016 Applications 329

Working with Application Options 330

Working with the Options Dialog Box 330

Changing Your User Name and Initials 331

Bypassing the Start Screen at Launch 332

Customizing the Interface 333

Pinning the Ribbon 333

Hiding the Ribbon 334

Customizing the Ribbon 334

Changing the Position of the Quick Access Toolbar 338

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 339

Setting the Office Background 341

Chapter 18 Collaborating with Others 343

Collaborating in Word with Comments and Changes 344

Insert Comments in a Word Document 344

Edit a Comment 345

Delete a Comment 345

Track Changes in a Word Document 346

Control the Display of Comments and Changes .346

Control the Markup Display 348

Navigate Comments and Changes 349

Accept or Reject Comments and Changes 350

Collaborating in Excel with Comments and Changes 351

Insert Comments in Cells 352

View Workbook Comments 353

Track Worksheet Changes 354

Accept or Reject Workbook Changes 356

Share an Excel Workbook with Other Users 358

Display and Removing Reviewers 360

Handle Sharing Conflicts 361

Sharing a Document Online 362

Save a Document to OneDrive 362

Send an Invitation to Share a OneDrive Document 363

Copy a Link to Share a OneDrive Document 365

Appendix A Excel Worksheet Function Reference 367

Financial Functions 370

Date and Time Functions 374

Math and Trigonometry Functions 375

Statistical Functions 378

Lookup and Reference Functions 383

Database Functions 384

Text Functions 385

Logical Functions 387

Information Functions 387

Engineering Functions 388

Cube Functions 391

Compatibility Functions 391

Web Functions 393

Index 395

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